The Tyrant

(By: Hinote) Hinote had never handled irritation well. Even to this day, she wondered sometimes how she tolerated the nigh-constant stream of borderline idiocy that flowed from some of the other Roses. It… Continue reading

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: Hinote & Norma

Shadows weren’t supposed to do that. In fact, that was the opposite of what shadows were supposed to do. And we’re not talking the magical kind of shadows either, but the kind that… Continue reading

Annalea’s Little Present

“Limbraugh. Where the nether are you?” “Limbraugh!” “Limbraugh, you ook-dooking nitwit. We’re supposed to be at headquarters. I know you’re under the weather, but we need you for Kirase before you fall apart.”… Continue reading

Merry Meetings

(With: Vivimord) Yva sat astride her large dead horse wearing white. White cloak, white gown, white gloves. She’d tucked her dark hair inside the hood. Though she cast a striking figure, it wasn’t… Continue reading

Team Fuck-You Worm, The Reckoning

(With: Fenneous, Lemuelle, Keltyr, and Dorri’tow) They weren’t Sindorei. They were a youthful army of screaming turds sent from the nether to plague the rest of the garrison. Pre-dawn, lying in bed. It… Continue reading


(By: Veldarin) He got her to take a little supper after all, which they ate side by side, wedged in together in a single wide chair before the fire. His elbow occasionally wandered… Continue reading


(By: Hammaryn) The chapter house courtyard was windy and cold. Winter Veil was in the air, the leaves having long ago fallen from the trees, and the roses that Ryn so carefully tended… Continue reading

Shadowing the Dragon

(By: Corrienda & Galedorin) Galedorin heard his named squeaked over his buzzbox, accompanied by a rumbling purr. An actual feline or a druid? He would never know – the box clicked silent less… Continue reading

Chip in the Armor

(By: Rihna, Scarsdale, Kylana, & Corrienda) “You’re sure it’s not going to hurt?” asked Kylanna warily, eyeing the glowing hole in the air. “I’m not going to get my insides scrambled or anything?”… Continue reading

The House of Limbraugh

(With: Tirith, Annalea, Angoleth, & Pitch) The plan was to meet after dark, when the lights were dim and the house had been cleared of servants. Fourteen of them reported on Thursdays, or… Continue reading